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Frequently Asked Windshield Questions

Why Won't My Insurance Rates Go Up?

If you have comprehensive insurance you are insured against the possibility of things beyond your control-i.e. a rock thrown up from a semi, vandalism, etc… Typically speaking this type of incident does not impact your insurance rate. (Always confirm with your insurance agent to be certain.)

What Is My Insurance Deductible?

Your deductible is the amount of the bill that you will be responsible for. If your deductible is $250.00 than the insurance company will take care of the expenses above that dollar figure. You only pay the deductible once per incident not once per repair shop.

Does My Car Need To Be Inspected First?

Not typically. You should call your insurance company and alert them to the damage but usually the insurance company will take your word (and the word of the glass technician) for the damage. Many glass specialists will also assist you in working with your insurance company.