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Windshield Crack Types

Types of Auto Glass Cracks and Chips


Cracks are straight or crooked lines extending across the windshield. Cracks can extend through the front and back of the windshield or just exist on one side of the windshield. Cracks can grow, so they should be repaired as soon as possible.


Starbreaks are long cracks extending from a central point of damage. Starbreaks can grow over time and with continued driving, so they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Bull's Eye

Bull's eyes are circular cracks and fractures that look similar to a target of concentric circles. These can often be repaired, but probably won't disappear completely. If a large bull's eye is in the driver's line of sight, the windshield often needs to be replaced to ensure proper visibility for driving. Bull's eyes can develop cracks and starbreaks, so they should be repaired, even if they are not in the driver's line of sight.


Chips are usually small indentations in the glass. Chips do not extend completely through the glass.

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