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Why Repair or Replace a Windshield?

While it's easy to take for granted how much your windshield does to protect you from the wind and rain. It might surprise to learn that in addition to making your drive comfortable it protects you (and anyone riding with you) in some pretty remarkable ways:

Your car windshield provides additional strength to your vehicle and is a part of the crash management system built into the vehicle by the manufacturer. No matter how high of a crash safety rating your car has without an un compromised windshield you really aren't safe.

Airbags may not deploy at the proper time in a crash if the windshield is not structurally sound. Obviously your airbag is a critical part of your safety in a crash.

In a rollover crash the windshield is particularly important as some car models have 40-50% of the rollover strength of the vehicle directly related to the windshield. An amazing statistic to be sure but none the less it is true, your windshield is much stronger than you think.

The windshield helps keep the occupants inside the car and other objects outside during a crash. This is absolutely crucial to your safety in a crash. Being ejected from the car in a crash increases your chances of severe injury exponentially!

If your car windshield has a small crack be sure to get it repaired quickly to avoid it spreading across the glass. If you have a large crack (or an actual hole in the auto glass) get the windshield replaced as soon as you can.

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