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What To Expect From Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

If you’ve never had windshield replacement done on your vehicle you may not know what to expect from the procedure. Below is a quick summary of the steps you can expect when your windshield is replaced.

What to expect when you get a windshied replacement done:


Windshield replacement usually takes place in an auto glass shop however, many companies offer mobile service allowing the work to be done wherever at your work, home or wherever it fits into your schedule.


Auto glass shops are usually open during regular business hours (Mon-Fri) and some companies even offer weekend appointments. You should plan for at least a two hour window during which your car will not be needed. (Confirm how much time will be made with the glass company when the appointment is set.)


The glass technician will start by checking its interior and exterior. This is a routine inspection to make sure everything is clean and in order. Next the floors, seats, and the outside of your car will be covered to keep them from getting excess adhesive on them or worse yet scratched. The technician will then begin to remove whatever the wipers, any windshield trim and the cowl as necessary before removing the old windshield.

The specialist will examine the amount and type of adhesive used on the old windshield to help assess how best to proceed. He/she will cut most of the old adhesive down and the new adhesive will be applied the on top. With the adhesive applied the new windshield can be lifted into place. The cowl, wipers and trim will be replaced and the windshield will be cleaned and inspected. Once the job has been completed you should be able to drive your car in as little as an hour though it will take up to 24 hours for the adhesive to fully dry. During this time your car should be kept out of the rain, snow or excessive cold. Be sure to check with the installer on time recommendations specific to the adhesive used.