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Windshield & Auto Glass Insurance

Windshield & Auto Glass Insurance

If you’re like most people the first time you’ll think about your windshield insurance is when you find yourself needing a repair or a replacement. Luckily, most auto insurance companies are easier to work with than you might think when you have auto glass concerns.

Windshield Insurance (Auto Glass Insurance)

Most people pay an auto insurance premium and hope to never to have to file an auto glass claim against it.

Windshield Repair Insurance

If you have a windshield chip and comprehensive auto insurance coverage chances are good that you will be offered free windshield repair by your company. Unfortunately, due to the nature of liability auto insurance you will probably have to pay for that repair yourself.

Windshield Replacement Insurance

If you require windshield replacement you may be lucky enough to find that your insurance policy has a “no-out-of pocket” windshield option. In fact several U.S States require insurance companies to offer a $0 glass deductible.

Auto Glass and Insurance Rates

Typically speaking your insurance rates (premium) will not increase because of an auto glass claim. Windshield claims are generally considered a “no-fault” claim and thus the insurance company does not punish your pocket book.

Adjuster Inspection of Glass Claims?

Insurance companies typically don't require an insurance adjuster to inspect your vehicle for a windshield repair or replacement but check with your insurance company prior to having work done.

Your Insurance Rights:

You have the right to choose what auto glass company does your windshield repair or replacement. Your insurance company may have a “preferred glass shop” but you are not obligated to use them. While an insurance company can choose what windshield and/or other part(s) it will pay to have replaced you do have the option of paying the difference between what is covered by insurance and what you would like installed.

Auto Glass Insurance Tips

Check with your insurance agent what your policy covers being sure to check if there is a “glass deductible” which would differ from your standard auto insurance deductible. Don’t let your insurance agent or a glass claim agent (link to page informing that many insurance companies use Safelite to process glass claims) insinuate that you must use their preferred windshield replacement shop. You can choose your own auto glass company.